Question about writing submissions

I encountered a problem recently that reminded me of a snag a few years ago when trying to contribute a short story to a science fiction magazine. They accept snail mail submissions only. The query and manuscript must be sent, along with an SASE, to the publisher. Depending on where you live and to where you’re sending it, you’re looking at at least three days before they receive it. When I asked the magazine about this, they stated that they don’t open attachments because of the concern about viruses. That’s fine and dandy, I suppose, but why not just accept submissions where the text is pasted into the e-mail itself?

There are two columns of mine, Richard’s Ramblings and My Two Shekels, that are submitted to clients by pasting into a text box. With this, why in late 2007 do some companies still prefer to live in the 20th century when it comes to submitting writing work?

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