Learning more about God

I am reading this book called God of Weakness by John Timmer. Have only read the first chapter, but what I have read has really floored me. I’ll be writing a future My Two Shekels column about it, but here’s the gist. We as Christians can’t exlude God from our daily lives (such as failing to have devotions and private time with God) and then wonder why God doesn’t seem to be present in our life during the tough times. Very convicting, indeed. Just as the Apostle Paul wrote about dying daily in First Corinthians 15, we have to decide for ourselves every day to live for God, spend time with Him and make Him our focus. I am reminded also of NBA legend Chris Mullin, who’s a recovering alcoholic. He told Sports Illustrated once that fighting his addiction is a daily battle. When he gets up in the morning, Mullin looks into the mirror and says, “I’m not going to drink today.”

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