October 15: Blog Action Day

October 15 was Blog Action Day, a day in which blogs take time to raise awareness regarding environmental issues. What can you do to help out the environment? Here are some important but easy steps.

First, eliminate the hard copy. Print out documents only when absolutely necessary. At one radio station I worked at, the computers were linked. So, I could write up the news from my computer and bring it up in the production room computer, read it for broadcast and be done. Paper wasn’t needed.

Second, recycle. Items like cell phones, batteries, toner cartridges and computers can be recycled. Instead of putting them into landfill, recycle.

Third, conserve water. When I brush my teeth, I turn the water off while scrubbing. I also try to make sure my showers are no more than 15 minutes long–even though where we currently live now is a well water system and, therefore, has no water bill. When you go to a restaurant, please only request water if you intend to drink it.

Fourth, properly dispose of hazardous chemicals. Many counties will have times throughout the year when you can dispose of paint, used motor oil, batteries, turpentine and so on. Don’t simply dump them down the drain or into the garbage.

Fifth and finally, invest in some sturdy shopping bags. They last much longer than standard paper or plastic bags, and with the many sizes, designs and colors, they’re a worthwhile investment.

Remember, it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of the earth God has provided for us.

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