NEW JOB!!!!!

I’m so excited! A week ago, I interviewed for a newspaper job and last night I received a phone call from the editor. Can I start Thursday morning? Yep!

There’s some nervousness about it…it’s a little of a drive, and I’m on for a 45-day trial basis. Lord willing, with a little hard work and a little confidence I can make this work.

Getting back to my true love–fiction

The past few days, as far as writing goes, have been split. A big chunk of time is spent on getting freelance assignments completed while I’m also working on some fiction projects. One is a novel, working title The Game Show, in which I’m about 2/3 completed on the rough draft. There are also short story ideas I’m getting some ground work laid down on. One looks to be a combination of two ideas.

I’d rather not divulge too much details, but I do like the Twilight Zone-style suspense and twists. Often, I ask myself, “What if?” and start writing.

Slight change again

The orange-on-royal blue didn’t work as well as I wanted. For now, I’m trying a yellow-on-royal blue. Normally, I don’t like the darker colors, but I’ve really liked using the dark blue as a background color since it provides great contrast. We’ll see what happens.

Royal blue and yellow is one of my all-time favorite color schemes, along with royal blue and light blue and then kelly green and gold. But for this blog, I’m looking for schemes that provide great contrast–making it easier to read–while allowing some aesthetic appeal also.

The Zowie family’s origins

The Zowie family got its start in America around 1899 when my great-grandfather, Sebastian Zahnweh, immigrated to America from Mötzing, a little Bavarian village in southeastern Germany. Mötzing is located about 33.9 kilometers (or about 21 miles) southeast of Regensburg and about 154 kilometers (or about 95 miles) northeast of Munich.

Here is a link to show you where Mötzing is on the map. According to a census done two years ago, it has just under 1,500 people in it.

Ahhh, the joys of writing satire

A few months ago, I posted an article about a famous rock star on my satirical blog.

The website, again, is 100% satire.

Nevertheless, I have received four angry e-mails from that blog from angry readers. One threatened me with physical harm.

The fictitious, tongue-in-cheek article merely pokes fun at the musician’s entrepreneurial ways. Nothing more. I actually have a lot of respect for him, but apparently these readers didn’t bother to read the “This is satire” disclaimer at the top of the page.

Ahhh, the fun finances of writing

In my ventures as a freelance writer, I’ve run into these scenarios quite a bit:

1) Website tells you that for a fee of x dollars per month, they’ll give you access to thousands of freelance jobs. One site that I subscribed to for a month gave me access to maybe 20 jobs in a month. Talk about a tax write-off. There are legit sites out there, but this one wasn’t one of them.

2) Other sites will give you work, but to get the work, you must pay a service fee per month. I pass on these and if ask, I’d say, “No, you don’t understand: I don’t pay you to work. You pay me.”

John McCain’s running mate…who will it be?

We know it won’t be Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. He has ruled it out and says he wants to focus on Louisiana’s problems. (As someone who was born and spent the first year of their life in The Pelican State, I can respect that).

Some say that Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has the inside track. Mitt Romney, of course, is still a strong possibility.

Who will be Barack Obama’s running mate?

Will John Edwards once again serve as a potential brides’ maid? Will Georgia’s Sam Nunn serve? Will it be Hillary Clinton?

Doesn’t really matter to me, since I won’t be voting for B.O.

I will say this: IF Obama does get elected, expect him to blame all his mistakes or problems on the Bush Administration.

Paying to work

If ever my life settles down, I would love to busy myself–when not writing–by acting in local productions. There’s always been the thrill of getting on a stage and pretending to be someone you’re not. I remember taking a theater arts class my senior year in high school and regretting not taking it my freshman year.

Sometimes, I’ll see ads for movies being made near my area. Had a chance to go to a casting call for a horror film about an ominous town, but due to the gasoline money and the subject matter, I decided not to go. Other sites offer an opportunity for anyone to work as an extra. Sounds great, right?

One problem: you have to pay a nominal fee for their services.

A friend from college who has worked as an actor tells me that no reputable company connected in the entertainment industry will make you pay for the opportunity to gain access to possible jobs. The only payment a true agent would do is a commission after you’ve already secured work.

In the meantime, a few actors I’ve spoken to say the best way to get in is to get training, work in local productions and go from there. One actor said this to me: if fame is your goal, don’t even start.