New blog photo of me

I’ve been considering tinkering around with this blog’s look and have decided, for the time being, to keep it as it is. Perhaps it’s part of my restless nature to constantly try to retool things. I did, however, post a new photo.

Think it seems odd for a 35 year-old man to be holding a rubber ducky? Let me explain: I love ducks. When I was 15, my Aunt Juanita (one of my Mom’s four sisters) gave me a baby duck as a gift. I fell in love with it instantly and from there developed what’s turned into a 20-year love for ducks. Since then, I have amassed a collection of duck pictures, figurines and even items of clothing (including a University of Oregon t-shirt and mousepad). I also have a couple of rubber duckies.

My wife got me this blue one in the photo recently, so I decided to take a photo of myself with it. Photo looked cheery and less psychotic than my previous one I had here, back when I was in the hippie stage of my hair touching my ears.

I showed the rubber ducky to the neighbor’s ducks, but they seemed disinterested. (Yes, I know it’s silly, but it’s part of my way of keeping myself entertained in this dreadful Seinfeld Era where the pointless mundane often passes for humor).


Upcoming feature story about a soccer player

Today I took photos and completed an assignment for the Davison Index regarding a young soccer player. Nate and I got to chat briefly about soccer and its failure to catch on as a popular sport in America. When you look at Europe, Central and South America and Asia, soccer tends to be extremely popular. Why not here?

I don’t understand, for instance, how sports talk show host Jim Rome* can talk about the “exciting” sports of golf and auto racing but talk about how boring soccer is. Soccer and golf both take great skill, but a minute is about all I can take of watching golf.

*Don’t get me wrong about Romey–I love his show and think he’s funny and witty. But I happen to disagree with him about the golf/soccer issue.