Paying to work

If ever my life settles down, I would love to busy myself–when not writing–by acting in local productions. There’s always been the thrill of getting on a stage and pretending to be someone you’re not. I remember taking a theater arts class my senior year in high school and regretting not taking it my freshman year.

Sometimes, I’ll see ads for movies being made near my area. Had a chance to go to a casting call for a horror film about an ominous town, but due to the gasoline money and the subject matter, I decided not to go. Other sites offer an opportunity for anyone to work as an extra. Sounds great, right?

One problem: you have to pay a nominal fee for their services.

A friend from college who has worked as an actor tells me that no reputable company connected in the entertainment industry will make you pay for the opportunity to gain access to possible jobs. The only payment a true agent would do is a commission after you’ve already secured work.

In the meantime, a few actors I’ve spoken to say the best way to get in is to get training, work in local productions and go from there. One actor said this to me: if fame is your goal, don’t even start.

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