Ahhh, the fun finances of writing

In my ventures as a freelance writer, I’ve run into these scenarios quite a bit:

1) Website tells you that for a fee of x dollars per month, they’ll give you access to thousands of freelance jobs. One site that I subscribed to for a month gave me access to maybe 20 jobs in a month. Talk about a tax write-off. There are legit sites out there, but this one wasn’t one of them.

2) Other sites will give you work, but to get the work, you must pay a service fee per month. I pass on these and if ask, I’d say, “No, you don’t understand: I don’t pay you to work. You pay me.”

John McCain’s running mate…who will it be?

We know it won’t be Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. He has ruled it out and says he wants to focus on Louisiana’s problems. (As someone who was born and spent the first year of their life in The Pelican State, I can respect that).

Some say that Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has the inside track. Mitt Romney, of course, is still a strong possibility.