Working at the paper

I’ve tried driving down to Oxford through Davison and Lapeer and find both to be about the same length. I prefer Davison since it has fewer stoplights and less traffic.

One of my work colleagues has been there, done that. Lots of great stories to tell. Used to work at the Detroit News. Tells me that only about 10% of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s corruption has gone public.

According to this colleague, being related to Kilpatrick has its advantages. One of Kwame’s relatives, according to this reporter, makes around $70,000 a year working only an hour per week. Basically, sitting in on meetings. That’s about $1,346.15 per hour. If a person were working a 40-hour week at that hourly rate, they’d be earning $2.8 million per year.

Once again, I find myself hardly waiting to get to work and keeping my eyes peeled for a story that might be huge. We’ll see what happens.