Working on my novel

Tentatively titled The Game Show, it’s a Christian suspense novel about a game show where things aren’t as they seem. Right now, I’ve written about 280 pages of the first draft and am about 3/4 completed with the draft. Have hit some plot snags. One or two major twists and I’m not sure how to make them happen. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sorry, but I can’t reveal any more plot details to this point. Outside my immediate family and a few very close friends, nobody knows what this is about and that’s how I would like to keep it for now.

Speaking of writing, I may be making further changes to this blog in the future. I’m looking to make Word Press my permanent blog. I wish I could have more freedom over the overall design, but I like the options and visibility it offers. I’ve branched out and have a My Two Shekels page (Christian issues) and a Ponderings from Pluto page (satire). I may also have a page that focuses solely on writing. In fact, I think the one that will be a hodgepodge of commentary will fall under a Richard’s Ramblings page. We’ll see.


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