Are spooky house stories overdone?

I’m outlining what could be either a long short story or perhaps even a novel. Working title comes from a cheesy long short story I wrote when I was younger: The House on Birch Street. That story (which I don’t mind divulging since it’s cheesy) was about this man who buys this old, beautiful house from this eccentric man. Borrowing elements from Amityville Horror and Homebodies, I came up with this idea of a suit of armor that comes to life and throws an ax at our hero. That and he learns that the eccentric man he bought the house from was actually a satanist who, along with his ancestors before him, buried countless murder victims in the basement. That story ends with the hero marrying the hot blonde girl and–I kid you not–blowing up the house by buying a black market rocket launcher from a local gun dealer.

Well, as a writer, I’ve always wanted to write a story about a house that’s quasi-haunted. It’s been overdone, of course, and many modern cinematic attempts at it stink. Then there are the paperback novels like Ghost Child, which can be pretty interesting.

So now, I’m outlining it and finding some really interesting results. Don’t know how it’ll end yet, but I think I have something that could possibly work. The idea, of course, is to do something nobody else has done.