New look to blog

I’ve been looking at the designs offered by WordPress and decided to try out this one for two reasons: the layout looks clean and it has a pen in the header. No, it doesn’t appear to be a Papermate, but it’ll do. I do wish the header had buttons for my pages, but for now we’ll see how this works.

Websites for writers

I’m always on the lookout for them, and found this fascinating blog. I contribute to it sometimes, both under my real name and sometimes not. It’s a great place to go to read about the status of newspapers and the thoughts.

Free From Editors is a reminder to me that though I love my job as a writer, I have to be vigilant regarding my job. The journalism market’s not exactly steady. If you don’t believe me, visit a freelance writing website and see just how little clients want to pay you to work your butt off to put out good articles. To me, it’s comparable to asking a mechanic to replace your car’s head gasket for $25.

After he finishes laughing half an hour later, he’ll tell you no.