Approaching 10 years as a writer

I began writing professionally on Feb. 28, 2000, when I started my post-military career as a civilian reporter for the now-closed* Kelly Air Force Base’s Kelly Observer. Worked there with Greg Ripps, Karen Edge, Glen Whiton, Gary Emery, Joe Flores, Oscar Balladares and the late Dick Walters. All were wonderful people.

What have I learned in 10 years? Be professional, polite, and to the point; revise, revise, revise; network and develop great people skills; realize and implement the fact that you never quit learning as a writer.

*No, my working there is not why the base closed!

Loaning out magazines

I loaned out older copies of Writer’s Digest and The Writer to a schoolteacher in Oxford, Michigan. The teacher’s a great guy. I had to be careful, though, when selecting which magazines to give out. One back issue of WD has a feature story about how to write effectively in the erotica genre.

Not exactly something you’d want a 12-ish student reading about, huh?