Writing thoughts

I’ve been working on a rough draft of a novel and am hoping to have the rough draft done by later this year. There have been a few snags along the way as I’ve encountered some areas where I don’t know what to write next. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a break for a few days while other times it might be an example that what you have is lousy. I like to think it’s the former and am hoping to get these snags out of the way.

One thing I have learned over the years as a writer: don’t fall in love with a rough draft. I read once at college how James Michener described himself as a terrible writer but a great re-writer. Ernest Hemingway is said to have re-written one chapter of his book many times.

(I begin a new paragraph since I don’t feel worthy to insert my thoughts in the same graph as Mr. Michener and Hemingway) I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve looked at stories I wrote years ago and have cringed at how they look. It makes me wonder if a writer ever becomes satisfied with his work, or if he just eventually decides to send it to publishers and find out what happens.


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