Great advice from Lois Duncan

If you get a chance, check out page 22 of the April 2009 issue of The Writer magazine. In the From The Writer Archive (March 1969), author Lois Duncan gives great advice for breaking writer’s block. I found it especially helpful, since the rough draft of a novel (of which I’m about 3/4 done) is bogged down by writer’s block.

My two favorite Duncan books are Summer of Fear and the very-underrated Killing Mr. Griffin. Ms. Duncan, if you’re reading this, I think your depiction of  humorless, no-nonsense teacher was absolutely brilliant.

One comment on “Great advice from Lois Duncan

  1. Hello, Richard,

    It’s amazing to me that that article in The Writer, written in 1969, has transcended the years and continues to ring true today. I guess writer’s block is a timeless problem/

    Thank you for liking Killing Mr. Griffin. That’s one of my own favorites of my suspense novels, and the made-for-TV movie was actually quite good. (Which is more than I can say about many of the movies based on my novels.)

    Warm wishes,
    Lois Duncan

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