Writer’s Digest’s latest writing prompt…

…involves a police officer investigating an arson of Krispy Kreme* donut shops. Someone, somewhere, is obviously being a smarty-pants.

Initially, when I looked at this I thought it had the obvious makings of a comedy. I mean, think of the stereotype. There’s also that bumper sticker that says Bad Cop! No Donut! I tried writing something comical and came out with something that didn’t work.

So, now, I’m trying something serious…a tormented cop who’s terrified of fire and is dreading this case because he imagines how farcical the press conference will be. We’ll see how it turns out. Currently, I’m looking to have firefighters read it to tell me how realistic the depiction of firefighting work is.

* I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but truth be told, Krispy Kremes have never been my favorite donut. I actually prefer bagels (wheat, tomato basil and cheddar herb are my favorites).