A few thoughts on writing

…Don’t kid yourself, dear reader, writing is very hard work. I love it immensely, but for me it’s easy to go through many drafts (especially in fiction) until I get something I think is good. Even then, after putting it away for a few days I’m bound to find something else that needs to be tweaked.

That’s probably why I get such a scornful laugh when I encounter writing job ads where the client wants to pay someone one dollar (no, that’s not a typo) to write a 500-800 word article. It’s tantamount to going to a mechanic, asking them to put in a new alternator for $10. Even if you have the new alternator already to save on the cost of parts, normally you’re still looking at at least $100 in labor charges (unless the alternator’s located in a tricky part of the engine requiring massive disassembly to get to it, then it’ll be even more)…

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