My apologies to The Writer magazine


I e-mailed them this week to report another issue missing, this one July 2009. The first time they credited my account with an extra month were prepared to send me another copy.

Lo and behold, rummaging through my book bag I found it!

I called them up and told them to cancel my complaint. They were very nice about it, although I felt very sheepish. I recalled how one classmate my senior year of high school told our teacher someone had “abducted” his pen; then he looked amongst his other pens in his book bag and—you guessed it—found his pen.

If you love to write but don’t have a subscription to The Writer (or even Writer’s Digest), I strongly recommend you do so.

Almost done with my Writer’s Digest assignment


I’ve gone through twenty or so drafts in my 750-word assignment for Writer’s Digest. The assignment is about a woman allowed to travel through time to change one thing she regrets. It’s been an interesting experience: using the Strunk and White adage of omitting useless words.

I’m basing the story on where I went to college, Pensacola Christian College. Some of the characters in the story are based on people I knew, but upon advice from my creative consultant, the lovely Mrs. Zowie, I have changed the names. Nothing bad, though.

Hard to believe I finished at PCC in 1995. Seems like a lifetime ago. I started off there as a commercial writing major but changed to history with an English minor. I wrongly thought at the time I didn’t need a major with so much graphic design. If I had to do it over again at PCC, I would’ve double majored in English and commercial writing.