The simplicity of Hebrew


Or, as Hebrew-speaking people in Israel and other countries call their language, עברית.

I spoke to a friend last night, a friend I count as a mentor and as one of the brothers I never had (yes, I love my three sisters dearly, but I miss never having had a brother). Howard told me about his studies in Hebrew and how it’s actually a very simplistic language.

Note, he said simplistic, which doesn’t necessarily mean easy.

Howard, who’s fluent in sign language, said Hebrew is very similar to signing. Both languages omit needless words and tend to be direct. He gave as an example how they’d say the phrase “I’m going to the store”: “I go store”.

Some languages tend to be more complicated, but only because they’re specific. In Russian, for example, saying “I’m going to the store” depends on a few factors. Are you walking, running, biking, driving, flying or boating to the store? Are you going in the direction of the store, going to the store, emphasizing the location of the store?


4 comments on “The simplicity of Hebrew

  1. Thanks for this interesting post. You are right – Hebrew is a very simple and direct language. For example, teaching a Hebrew speaker a simple English sentence like “Here is a dog”. In Hebrew you say “this, dog”. There is no word for “is” and no word for “a”. Hebrew is much simpler. It is a more logical language.

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  3. While I’ve always been drawn to Hebrew’s melodic expressions…I only know a few words and phrases in the language… but then I suppose that sense of yerning it invokes is true for all Jews. Presently I’m making an effort to learn the language of Our Ancestors and find reading opinions such as those posted here an encouragement… Thanks! ~ Mike

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