Short essay: Country Songs I Like: Kenny Chesney’s ‘Simple Things’


Despite growing up in Texas and having a Dad whose musical favorites have included Waylon, Willie and Hank Jr., I’ve never been a country music fan. Some of it’s too depressing while far too much of it glorifies boozing and cheating.

But there are some country songs I do like.

As I write this, I’m listening to Kenny Chesney’s “Simple Things.” The song’s about a man who struggles to stay sober and realizing what alcoholism has done to his life. You miss out on the simple things in life, and there’s always that whisper by the devil to have “just one more beer.”

Why can’t more songs be like that?

I’ve never understood why some country artists will sing the most depressing songs but yet make it seem like a great lifestyle. Who on earth wants to get so drunk they can’t remember where they’ve been or who they’ve slept with? Who wants to be stupid enough to out and cheat and then expect me, the listener, to be sympathetic?

If you’d like a good example of a positive country music singer, check out Clifton Jansky.