Changing my freelance strategy

For a long time I’ve shunned potential writing jobs that offer to pay a paltry $20 for an assignment of 800 words. Normally, such wages would be about a tenth of what I’d normally want to charge. Now, my biggest question is this: how much work is involved?

If it’s an hour’s worth of work, then $20 sounds pretty good. If you’re given five assignments a day, that’s $100 you can earn per day atop whatever else income you have coming in. With one client I make about four dollars a word, and that’s primarily because the assignment requires interviews, research and putting together photos and sidebars.

If it’s three hours’ worth of work, then it might not be worth it. You’d be earning less than seven dollars an hour (which isn’t even minimum wage). If you’re desperate for work, sure, but you have to ask yourself if you’re making the most of your time.


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