Adventures of a freelance writer

Freelance writing, with the countless websites offering jobs, could take all day. Even then you still probably wouldn’t scratch the surface. I have a few sites I go to and try to on a daily basis look and submit to which ones sound good. Sometimes it’s tantamount to being one of thousands of fishers at a giant lake the size of Lake Superior, vying for those two fish who are swimming around somewhere. You have to use the right bait, jerk the line at the right time and hope to reel in the fish.

I recently applied to become a blogger at a New Year’s Resolution site, and hopefully the story I told them (a true one) will help me get that gig. Then there’s the TV blogging, the proofreading, the web site content writer and so on.

Which ones do I skip? The ones where the ads are badly written with lots of misspellings. I realize they may need writing help, but such an ad just looks unprofessional and suggests you might get scammed for your services. Others that are a red flag are the ones that say something like this: “We don’t have any money to pay you, but we can compensate you by giving you a byline on our website.”

Big deal. 

Unless you’re desperate to get your name out, I’d recommend you avoid this. Often, this type of policy comes from a site that’s not really even that well known and one that, chances are, will be gone and inactive in a year or so.

So, the best thing to do is keep plugging away and be persistent. Every once in a while you apply and get something great.

Richard Zowie blogs at several websites, including three other blogs on WordPress. Contact him at

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