I need to renew my subscriptions to ‘Writer’s Digest’ and ‘The Writer’!

…But I can’t.


Both subscriptions are due for renewal, and to renew both for a year would cost me a combined $70. It’s just not in the budget right now, and I can’t justify taking money away from rent, internet or phone (all of which are sorely needed) to pay them. So, I have two choices:

1. Let them go indefinitely. This would be great if any of the local libraries carried Writer’s Digest or The Writer. Alas, they don’t. In our area, maybe two libraries carry The Writer. But the libraries all do seem to offer periodicals like People, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated and other publications. If I chose to drop any hope of renewal, I’d have to go to the websites and gleen what I could.

2. Renew them when money comes in. We’re hoping to file our tax returns in a few weeks, so conceivably, getting my subscriptions renewed could become a belated birthday present to myself (I’ll turn 37 on February 6).

Number 2 sounds better.

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One comment on “I need to renew my subscriptions to ‘Writer’s Digest’ and ‘The Writer’!

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