New look to my blog

True to my restless nature, I’ve changed the theme of my blog again. Didn’t like the previous one since it didn’t allow for tabs at the top. I like this one since it shows the full moon and one of my favorite themes, outer space.

No, I can’t promise never to change it again. I just like this design the best until the day comes when I can hire a web designer to customize a blog for me. (I’m a good writer, but web design is a whole different story).

What do you think, gracious reader? Drop me a line.

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Waiting on one potential client, passed on two others

The one pays modestly, and that’s being polite. If the articles can indeed be written in 15 minutes and if enough are given on a regular basis, it could work.

I passed on the two others for different reasons: one pays glorified slave wages (such as about 50 cents for a 500-word article, which would only ). The other turned out to be for an adult site.