Richard Zowie’s The Joy of Journaling

As a writer, it goes without saying that you should write every single day. Part of that is keeping a journal (or diary, if you prefer) of what you do on a daily basis. I’m finding my style is a mixture: I liked President Ronald Reagan’s “what I did today” style that he used in The Reagan Diaries, but I also like to throw in some commentary here and there. This way, a future American literature student won’t be put to sleep reading through my archives.

Sometimes, I write longhand and throw in some doodles while other times I write by computer. While it can be fun to allow my left hand to get some exercise working with a trusty Papermate pen, I prefer the computer since I can get my ideas down faster.

I will say that what I journal about generally stays in the journal. This isn’t Live Journal. Some things are personal and will stay personal.

Unfortunately, I also tend to be a prolific procrastinator when it comes to journaling. I’m sorry to say there are entire years of my life where I did not keep a journal. It’s a shame; procrastination is a major vice of mine.

Lord willing, I can return back to investing five minutes of my time each day to writing what happened on that day.

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