To blog or not to blog: knowing when to hit ‘delete’ instead of ‘post’

This past week I wrote two blog postings, one for this blog and the other for my From A to Zowie blog. After much deliberation, I have decided post neither.

The first one was a movie review of an indie film my wife and I saw a few weeks ago. Writing about this film took me back to my teen years when I saw a movie that, frankly, I regret watching. If I named the movie I recently saw, you might know the older film I’m referencing. Suffice it to say, overall I did not like the film and have decided not to post about it even though the posting was decently written.

As for the second one, it was a listing of writing projects I have going on with brief descriptions of each one. It’s funny–I find poker to be a waste of valuable television air time, but sometimes you have to approach your writing career like a game of poker. Be very careful not to tip your card. Know when to hold, fold, walk away, run, blah blah. After some consideration, I felt that blog posting revealed too much information about my projects, so I decided to axe it also.

Even today, after having been a blogger now since 2007 or so, I am astonished by how much personal information is out there.

One former work colleague (I won’t say where) blogs under a pseudonym and used to air lots and lots of details–some of it pretty personal–about her job. It’s the kind of thing that could get you into trouble someday.

Richard Zowie is a writer whose first love is fiction. Post comments here or e-mail him at

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