Looked at potential freelance clients in magazines

Specifically, The Writer and Writer’s Digest. A few weeks ago, I also perused the 2011 Writer’s Market. Made note of clients for both freelance and fiction markets.

I am curious about something. This is almost 2011, and e-mail has been in common use for more than 20 years. People can send things in plain-text formats. Why on earth do so many magazines and publications still insist on snail-mail submissions?

Two years ago, I wanted to submit a story Fantasy and Science Fiction and was told the manuscript had to be mailed in. Today’s perusal into one of the magazines revealed that Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine still insists on submissions sent by mail. So, instead of making a submission that takes mere moments to be sent and received, they insist on the archaic way that takes days.

Anyone know why?

Richard Zowie is a writer. Send comments to richardzowie@gmail.com.


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