Took pictures last night at a women’s expo in Bridgeport, Michigan

I am by no means the world’s greatest photographer, but I enjoy doing it and it is a passion of mine. Someday, I’d like to have my own private collection of photography and hang worthy pictures on the wall. My tastes are eclectic: I love the photo of the skyscraper workers in New York City eating lunch on a steel girder about 30 stories above the ground and how calm they look.

No. Stinking. Way. I would ever do this!

I also like the photo of the Mississippi law enforcement officers sharing a laugh during the infamous “Mississippi Burning” incident, just because that picture is a fascinating portrait of hatred, smugness, racism.

I do not endorse the racial mentalities in this picture, I just think they’re captured extremely well. Oddly enough, the photographer who took this picture reported Sheriff Rainey was very polite during the shooting of the photo.

I spent about two hours last night walking around the various displays and aiming to get great photos. Some turned out really good while others, well, not so much. When I’d find a good shot, I’d play with settings since the lighting provided can render some camera settings useless. I definitely need to improve my technical proficiency.

I can’t think of a better analogy, so I’ll use this one: being a good photographer perhaps mirrors being a good hunter or sniper.  You must be patient, observant and have attention to detail. One brief second is the perfect photo and then, before you know it, it’s gone.

What do I look for in a great photo? Realism. I like people to pretend as if I’m not there. I may make occasional exceptions, but for the most part I hate posed photos. They scream “Fake!”.

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