What I’m up to as a writer (besides 5’8″)

Actually, I’m probably around 5’7.5″. I was measured as short as 5’6.75″ in the Army and as tall as 5’9″. The last time I was the doctor’s office they measured me at 5’8″.

To quote that great dimunitive major league baseball player John Cangelosi, “It sounds taller”.

When I was a lad, John Cangelosi reminded me of the dimunitive British pop star Leo Sayer. (Don’t ask).

Back to the ranch…

Saturday, I will meet with at least one potential freelance writing client. It would be a quid-pro-quo instead of a financial agreement, which would still work well. Once I have more details I will share them with you.

I plan to resume work soon on my novel Randy and Rhonda. These days, it seems far more autobiographical than ever. Sorry, but I would rather not share details yet of what it’s about. I think I have a great idea and would like to keep it classified for the moment. I did, though, send the first few chapters to a college friend.

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