My new, improved blog posting about my two friends

Late last week, I wrote about two friends–Chelsea from high school (she runs a salon in Austin) and Jeremy from college (he splits his time between the ministry and doing deliveries for Schwan’s). I have nothing but the warmest regards for both, but after reading the postingĀ I chose to remove it since I felt it came across as a bit too arrogant on my part. Look at me, I’m a talented writer. I just felt there was no point to it.

So, I deleted it. Chances are, it is now spending eternity inside one of Saturn’s many rings.

That being said, I still have lots of respect for Chelsea and Jeremy. Chelsea runs a business and styles hair–two things far beyond me. She also likes to write. Jeremy is a multi-tasker who’s far better with people than I’ll ever be. If anything, I look up to both of them–Chelsea for her business talent and ability to make people feel great about themselves and Jeremy for being a leader who does many different things.

Yes, writing is hard work and we writers are a different breed and a different mentality, but I don’t look down upon others. Especially not on my Dad–a retired mechanic and a self-described “jack of all trades and a master of none” who worked on engines, built room editions, did plumbing and wiring, woodwork, etc.

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Twitter so far

I have set up my Twitter account so that I can do updates by my cell phone. I am not able to use the # sign, though, to create keywords since my phone doesn’t have that symbol…well, it does: there’s a # key but it doesn’t create the # key to create keywords.

Confused? So am I.

So, I do updates a few times a day to tell readers about my writing career, my thoughts about anything that comes up and anything else I like to tweet about.

No, no, I don’t tweet from the toilet and I don’t tell readers about things in my life that should remain private.

How will I feel in a few months? Hard to say. I do plan, though, to do tweets when my two youngest sons and I travel down to Texas in early July. A tweet as we are flying out of Flint, flying into Atlanta, out of Atlanta, into Austin, etc.

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