What I’ve been up to as a writer (besides 5’8″)

…Today, while on lunch break, I resisted the urge to buy another pen–for now. It was a Zebra with a stainless steel barrel and a rubber grip. But it was fine p0int–which I’ve never liked.

I wish they had a “test drive” option where you could try out a pen before buying so that you don’t have to worry about getting into your vehicle, ripping the package open and then almost immediately getting Buyer’s Remorse. Oh well…

…I’m having to type this from another bedroom in my house since my laptop is doing something strange. Don’t have the money to get it repaired. I hope that will change in a few weeks.

As I look at my blog, I find myself hoping the day will come when I can buy a website or upgrade to a higher version of WordPress so I can design this blog to my specifications. Yes, I like to mix things up, but I often find one frustrating thing about WordPress’ formats: there is always one slight thing about it that ruins what otherwise is a beautiful look…

…This weekend I work to balance out my gasoline job with my writing jobs. By Monday night I’ll probably be very tired.

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Shaking the rust off my muse

About a year ago in The Writer magazine, they reprinted an excellent old essay by Lois Duncan (who wrote Summer of Fear and I Know What You Did Last Summer) about writer’s block. I e-mailed Ms. Duncan about it and she was kind enough to respond.

As I ponder what she wrote, I think about what I’d like to accomplish as a writer: each day writing 2,000 words on on my novel, short stories, writing an essay or two, doing a journal entry, a few poems and updating my blogs.

It really boils down to writing. No excuses. No recreational activities until you write.

Simple, isn’t it?

On Friday I work at the newspaper, but I’ll see if in my spare time I can accomplish this. I’m having to share a computer since my laptop isn’t working properly, so we’ll see.

Richard Zowie is a writer. Post comments here or e-mail them to richardzowie@gmail.com.