A few poems I’ve written recently

Much of the poetry I’ve written over the past several months has been designed to be cathartic in nature. Those are far too personal and will probably never be published. I may lock them into a safe deposit box someday and place strict orders in my will that upon my death they are to be burned.

Other poems are attempts at poetry: my strange thoughts and observations. While I’m not the world’s worst poet, it’s definitely not my writing “axe” and I can think of one friend in particular who writes publishable poetry.

8-24-11 — Sunset

The sunset


A fascinating contradiction

Bright orange

and Burnt orange


The same.

8-21-11 — The Ancient Woman

The ancient woman

Is still a natural blonde


Her skin is too dark



Tattoos on her shoulders and chest

A faded green

Blurry and nondescript with age

Her nose bulbuous, weathered


Her eyes still a lively blue

What stories could she tell?

7-13-11 — Ode to the Finnish Language

Ode to the Finnish Language

Or, as the Finns call it,

Suomen kieli.

They call their country Suomi.

I do neither speak nor understand you.

But I know,

Neitehr Norwegian nor Swedish

Are your brothers

Or even cousins.

An old encyclopedia says

Estonian is family to you.

Please tell me, Finnish:

Why do you call Finland “Suomi”?

And, while we’re talking about your area,

Why do you call Sweden “Ruotsi”?

I can’t describe you,


…Japanese meets Dutch?

Richard Zowie, honest to goodness, does not speak Finnish. Post comments here or e-mail them to richardzowie@gmail.com.