After the audition

Today at lunchtime, I spoke with Jody the director regarding the play I auditioned for.

I like her style. She started off by telling me the decision and then the why behind it. Some prefer to tell me the why first and leave me in suspense; I detest that approach.

Basically, I did not get the part and the reason was that despite what was a good audition, she felt with my lack of acting experience I wasn’t ready to lead a play. Basically, I have potential to be a decent actor, but this type of role at this time isn’t a good fit.

I’m relieved for two reasons: one, I completely agree with her and two, with my schedule the next month, making it to most rehearsals would’ve been very difficult at best. When I suggested to her it might be best for me to start with supporting roles, she said that would be a good idea. Jody also mentioned I was a “clean canvas” and that it would be better to start at one of those roles instead.

An upcoming play is a musical. I’ll try out and try not to burst out laughing. I hardly think of myself as a singer.

For upcoming plays, it would obviously be a good idea to attend plays and watch movie productions of the plays to get an idea of what the play is about and what the character does. Of course, reading the play is a good idea.

And, of course, if the chance comes to study with someone and get formal training, take it.

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Auditioned for a Neil Simon play last night

Last night, before getting pictures for work, I headed to the Clio Cast and Crew to audition for a part in an upcoming Neil Simon play.

This was the first time in a long time I’d auditioned for something. Years ago when trying to get into radio I made a mock news recording on cassette tape. Then, in 2004 when screening calls at San Antonio’s News Talk 550 KTSA, the news director told me there was an opening in the weekend anchor position and asked me if I wanted to do a news recording so they could see how I’d sound on the air. Thankfully, I passed that with flying colors. (For some reason, reading live news has always been easier for me than having to record and edit. Maybe it’s because you force yourself to get it right the first time, realizing there is no Take Two). 

So, I auditioned and read for the part.

We had a few pages of dialogue, and as we did it, I found myself wishing I’d seen the movie first and had read the script in its entirety. But as I read, I got an idea of the voice inflections to use. Once or twice the script called for me to look at my watch, and I did that. And then a few times when the character makes a surprised proclamation, my eyes widened as if I were indeed incredulous.

When we finished, Jody (the lady I read with) told me my voice sounded good and loud. Friday I’ll find out if I got the part.

Yes, I would love to get this part as performing on stage is a secret passion of mine, but the main reason I auditioned was to get my feet wet in the acting process. If I don’t get the part, I’ll find out what else, as a theater member, I can do for the play.

It’s possible that if I get the part I may have to use a few words I normally do not use, but one thing I remind myself are two things actors have told me: Adam Vernier described acting as being a “faker”; you are playing a role, nothing else. Adam also told me once that if fame (or, for that matter, fortune) are your motiviations for getting into acting, don’t bother. You have to REALLY love doing it. The late David Hess once said acting is just that–acting. It’s not the real world.

Someday I’d also love to do voice-overs and perhaps even serve as a public address announcer. Back in 2004, I was one of several live auctioneers for Blazing Gavels, a fund-raising event for San Antonio’s PBS affiliate KLRN. I had the time of my life.

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No worries, I’m not dead–yet

Just a little hiatus from blogging to deal with some personal issues. There comes a time when you have to kick yourself in the tuchus and say, “C’mon! Let’s get going!”

I promise: tonight I’ll put in another posting once I get home from work.