A funny story from the newsroom…when a visitor won’t quit talking

At one newspaper several years ago, I had a visitor show up to discuss with me a story idea. When they summarized, I figured it would be a two-minute conversation.

I was horribly wrong.

They spent 15 minutes talking about their story, basically repeating the same information over and over.

I’d taken some notes and began to smile while thinking of an escape hatch. I didn’t have to use the restroom, and it was nowhere near time for a lunch break.

A few moments later the publisher told me, “Richard, you have a call on Line 2.”

I excused myself, and the visitor left. Once I sat at my desk I picked up the phone and said, “This is Richard.”

My publisher answered. “Nobody. I just figured you needed an escape route.”

Richard Zowie lives in the Texas Hill Country and is a reporter for the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post. The views expressed in this blog posting do not necessarily reflect those of the Standard newspaper staff, editor or publisher. Post comments here or e-mail them to richardzowie@gmail.com.


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