My first time getting published

Sometime around the third grade at RL Stevenson Primary School in Alvin, Texas, in the 1981-1982 school year, an additional teacher worked with us in class on poetry. This was around the time I discovered my love for writing, so it was a fun, easy assignment. 

Two of my poems were published in the newsletter she printed.

I have forgotten the second one (I remember the lines “I like to sing, I like to dance”), but I do remember my first effort. It was macabre, stemming from an interest that would blossom into a lifelong love of horror films and cause my mother much consternation as I’d go to the video store and almost always head to the horror section first.

Titled “The Head Cut Off,” it had to do with a boy dreaming of a decapitation he saw in a horror movie. When his father woke him up, he smiled and assured him, “Relax, son. It was just a dream.” No worries.

I still like to write poetry but have never killed anyone. Yet. Having no basement makes me especially reluctant. Besides, if I went to Walmart and bought a shovel, mop, several gallons of bleach and a few bags of quick lime, I’m certain they’d make note and tell the authorities.

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