My attempt at satire

As far as writing goes, I recently got my first byline writing for a satirical publication. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the story, and the editor seemed to like it also.

I don’t plan on using my real name on the bylines of my satirical work and will instead be using a pseudonym. Why? Because I’d rather use Richard Zowie for my non-satirical work. I call this the Mel Brooks Principle, meaning that a writer must sometimes alter his identity if he doesn’t want to give a reader the wrong impression of his work; Brooks executive produced the drama The Elephant Man but, because of his work as a satirist, he chose to take his name out of the credits. Brooks was apparently worried people would see his name on the movie and think the movie was a comedy. Satire is an enjoyable delve into fiction, but it’s only one of many things I want to do as a writer. I also enjoy column writing, blogging (Duh! Right?) and hope someday to get into my dream job: fiction writer. We’ll see. In the meanwhile, keep reading, and God bless.

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