Richard Zowie’s ‘Theaterography’

The title of this page might change in the future once I learn what the theatrical equivalent of a filmography is.

A few quick notes…my first two credits were high school class productions, meaning that during our class hour we performed them in the auditorium in front of whomever wanted to show up. Neither of these was a full-fledged high school production…in the Christmas play, I replaced someone about a week or two before the play began. No big deal, considering I had only one line and considering we performed the play only twice…as for my 18-year hiatus from acting, while I regret the hiatus, I wasn’t ready for personal reasons. The good thing now is that big crowds didn’t scare me then, and they still don’t scare me now.

These days I act when I have time and when I get cast. As far as musicals, while I’m told I have a natural high baritone voice when singing (probably normal baritone when speaking), I feel my best contribution to musicals is to NOT audition for them anymore.

Actor (8 titles)

1. Our Town, Fredericksburg (Texas) Theater Company, 2015, [Simon Stimson]

2. Blithe Spirit, Fredericksburg (Texas) Theater Company, 2014, [Dr. George Bradman]

3. Little Shop of Horrors, Fredericksburg (Texas) Theater Company, 2014, [Customer #1 and chorus member]

4. Wait Until Dark, Clio (Mich.) Cast & Crew, 2012, [Sam Hendrix]

5. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Clio (Mich.) Cast & Crew, 2012, [Protean #2]

6. Klinkenschnell, The Christmas Bell, Beeville (Texas) Baptist Church production, 1994, [Second Wise Man]

7. The Planet of the Perfectly Awful People, A.C. Jones High School (Texas) class production, 1991, [Lord Groucho]

8. Dr. Frankenstein’s Space Operation, A.C. Jones High School (Texas) class production, 1991, [Bruce the Astronaut]

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