Richard Zowie’s writing samples

In my writing career, I’ve written news, features, sports and columns. I’ve written for military newspapers, the San Antonio Express-News, Flint Journal Flint Community Newspapers and for Recreation Management magazine. This page contains links to samples of my most recent work.

News: Most recently, I wrote about an annual township meeting where the former supervisor expressed disapproval over the budget. The current suprvisor responded. A week earlier, I wrote a news-feature about special education students getting vocational training. This article also contained photos. Finally, I covered an article about lake residents opposing plans to build a park there out of fear it would violate their privacy.

Features: I wrote a long article about a local chef reflecting on his culinary career, which included clients such as the late Ricardo Montalban. In the musical realm, I’ve written about a 16-year-old musician working on a demo in hopes of launching his career; in that same issue, another guitarist converted one of his rock songs to a jazz format; Oxford High School also received a visit from Marlon Young, Kid Rock’s lead guitarist.

Sports: I wrote about how Oxford High School’s girls swim team swam to a second-place finish at the Flint Metro League tournament by one point. The boys soccer team got off to a slow start, made the playoffs but lost a close match. Making the playoffs was impressive considering the slow start they got off to before winning district. I’ve written about several black belts in my writing career, but none as fascinating as this eight-year-old boy who earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. For a Recreation Management magazine assignment, I wrote about grass and artificial turf playing surfaces and was also able include comments by former NFL quarterback Archie Manning (Peyton and Eli’s Dad). Also for the magazine, I wrote a feature exploring what military installations do to provide adequate recreation services for our men and women in the armed forces.

Columns: My column is titled From A to Zowie and is my thoughts on current events, social issues, local news, the unusual and so forth. Some columns are actually a combination of a few ideas, such as this one regarding a local coach’s dismissal, thoughts on Michael Moore’s comments on the Oakland Press and GM’s troubles. One issue ran on April 1, so I couldn’t resist an April Fool’s theme encouraging residents to join my quest to ban duck hunting. This column encouraging people to study Chinese resulted in some reader comments while this one included comments from a GM worker regarding what’s wrong with the auto company.

Many of my stories are also accompanied by photos.

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