Reading classical literature

Someday, I would love to return to college and add to an English degree to my history degree. Lord willing, I would even love to get a master’s degree. It sounds very pleasurable: find an area of literature that really fascinates me and specialize in that and go into it in-depth.

Starting on that path, I think it’s time I broke open English and American Literature anthologies I’ve accumulated and read them. Take notes. Get a heads-up should the day ever come that I return to college.

I have thought about this lately as I have decided to take somewhat a break from reading modern fiction. This year I’ve read several novels the latest was an attempt to read Stephen King’s The Dark Half. Yes, normally, I like reading King, but I found the villain in this novel a little too holier-than-thou and found it difficult to imagine him really making his way past hardened law enforcement officers as if they were police academy washouts.

So, soon I shall start reading selected readings from American literature until I can find my English lit anthology. Eventually, I will probably even read translated classics in other languages, such as Russian.

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