Poems: After the Blizzard, Ode to the Papermate Design

Here are two poems I recently wrote. Normally I prefer prose but have been in the mood recently to write poems. Enjoy… 

2-3-2011 — After the Blizzard

 The snow is piled

High, bright and white.

The bright sunshine

Becomes far brighter.

The bright blue sky

Has only

Distant tufts of clouds.

A calm, quiet aftermath

Of an ugly blizzard–

–no school for three days.

The harmless skies are a

Gatling Gun

Fired red hot countless times at

Bull Run, Gettysburg, Chancellorsville.


Now silent, mute for decades,

Cold as an Arctic crypt.

The young generation looks, innocent, amused

Not knowing it was ever used.

2-6-2011 — Ode to the Papermate Design

For my birthday

Para mi cumpleaños

Для моего Днем Рождения

Zu meinem Geburtstag

I splurged

What the heck

Modest Christmas

$4.99 for two

Papermate Designs

Medium Point.

Fine point? Ugh!

One-point-six millimeter? Again, ugh!

This medium,

Not too bad.

It’s a little pricy but


Almost enough

To cease my memories

Of the

Discontinued Silkwriter BP’s

That Papermate in its finite wisdom

Decided to quit making.

I originally wrote this poem

In a blue notebook with a plastic cover

Using a Papermate Design.

I like it a lot.

Even the one with Pink designs.

Richard Zowie may continue writing poems. Feel free to critique–even if you’re the Simon Cowell type and think reading the above poems are comparable to dragging a fork across a plate. Post comments here or e-mail them to richardzowie@gmail.com.