A few more poems…

8-25-11 — Endless White

At the end of the

Seemingly endless

Black blanket of stars

I imagine

Endless white

No shapes, no surface.

Bright, brilliant

A void vacuum.

Perhaps someday

All the blackness grows

The white will shrink.

How much white is there

When it’ll run out

What it is

Only God knows.

8-25-11 — Time to Get Busy

Time to get busy

Off my butt

Idleness…Devil’s workshop.

I was 18 yesterday,

Am 38 now.

Double my life,

And I’ll be 76

If I’m still alive.

Life is a short, brief, wispy vapor.

So much to do

So little time.

No more mourning

Self-pity sucks

I remember that Des’ree song:

You gotta be…

8-27-11 — No, Energetic White Powder!

No, energetic white powder!

I will never, ever try you!

Some say you fill them

With amazing energy

Lots of housework done

Writing accomplished

Weight lost


You create paranoia

You burn the nose.

You create rivers of blood.

Some desperately want to sleep,

But their internal electrical circuits are WIDE awake.

I will never try you

Because I fear

I will like you

Far too much

And will


Want to stop.

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Writing when you’re tired

This past week I did very little writing in the realm I really like: fiction, blogging, journaling, essays. It wasn’t due to the usual procrastination culprit but rather, no energy. Three days in a row I had far too much to do between my two jobs (the newspaper and the gas station) and did not have the energy. In that trio of days I averaged four, maybe five hours of sleep.

What is Richard like after three days in a row of five hours of sleep?

By Tuesday night, when I usually get home from work at 11:30 p.m., I briefly considered calling my wife earlier and asking her to get a ride to Frankenmuth to drive me home. Despite drinking a lot of 7-11 Double Gulps (I prefer to mix Coke with either Cherry Coke or Diet Coke–don’t ask), I felt very tired. It was almost like Army basic training again, where I almost fell asleep during my graduation ceremony.

So, for the next two days, I slept close to 10 hours each day to try to catch up. I also felt a little under the weather and was worried, due to some discomfort when I breathed, I briefly worried I was coming down again with a viral infection in my lungs like I did in 1999, during another fun period of my life where I was consistently getting little sleep. Viral lung infections feel as if when you take a deep breath, someone is stabbing you in the chest.

And regarding sleep, that brings up the point of this blog posting: how do you write when you’re tired? 

For me, creative energy gets stifled when I have not been sleeping, or when I’m worn down and feel like doing little more than chatting with friends on Facebook.

The solution? Nope, not cocaine. I’ve never used cocaine but based on accounts I’ve read from Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft and from one person I know, the white stuff creates far more problem than it solves. I suppose it is to not allow yourself to get tired. Budget your time. Get sufficient sleep. If that doesn’t work, consume caffeine or make lifestyle choices that will give you more energy. An encouraging spouse or a writing accountability partner probably doesn’t hurt, either.

Suggestions, anyone?

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