Looking for employment as a writer

Recently, I was laid off from the newspaper where I work due to financial cutbacks. I hope to continue working as a writer since that’s what I enjoy doing and it’s also what I’m good at.

For nine years I’ve worked both as a full-time and freelance writer. On the editorial side, you name it and chances are I’ve done it: news writing, feature writing, sports writing, opinion columns, some¬†investigative reporting, photography and layout (both for the print and online editions). I’ve interviewed countless people: besides the township supervisors, trustees, school superintendents and officials and sports coaches, I’ve also interviewed Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, Marlon Young (Kid Rock’s lead guitarist), retired Purdue University men’s basketball coach Gene Keady¬†and songwriter Billy Joe Shaver.

Software I’ve worked with includes Microsoft Word, Pagemaker and Photoshop. I’ve also worked both on PC and Mac computers.

My work has appeared in the San Antonio Express-News, Air Force News, Flint Journal Flint Community Newspapers, Michigan Associated Press (for broadcasting) and in Recreation Management magazine.

Here are links to my resume and writing samples. References will be made available upon request.

Richard Zowie