Journaling versus Facebook, Twitter

One thing I  have noticed about Facebook and Twitter is both can be used for detailed, meandering ventures into TMI Land.

TMI, of course, stands for “too much information”.

One person who was in and out of a short marriage (and is currently getting divorced), posted Facebook messages openly to his wife asking her to reconcile, then, posted updates of himself at a bar getting drunk and giving up. This continued a few times, making me think their stormy, brief marriage probably needed the help of Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer.

Some seem to think Twitter is the ideal place to post the mundane aspects about their life. Ashton Kutcher is said to once have posted about “heading to the grocery store to get fixins for salad”. It’s a good thing I wasn’t operating heavy machinery when I read that.

Myself, I use both for political views and obscure thoughts and connecting with friends. As for my personal life, that goes into my journal, where it belongs. Sure, journals can get opened, but once something is posted online, chances are it’s there for good. I prefer to save my venting for journals, just because often it’s enough to just get it written down and out of your system.

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