Visit to the library today, will write fiction soon

I checked out Julie Powell’s book Julie & Julia. Am also current reading President George W. Bush’s Decision Points and am about halfway through it. Also placed an order at the library for Julia Child’s book My Life in France.

Came very close to checking out a book on my current reading list: Karen Robards’ Shattered. I love what I have read about this book, but a very quick skim reveals it looks like it might be along the lines of a trashy romance novel. Will try it out in a week or so to see how it works. Besides, I’m curious to see if there is a way to write love scenes in a tasteful way or if I should give only what is absolutely necessary for the plot. I wonder because one current project includes a man snared into a trap through the oldest trick in the book–a voluptuous woman who happens to be his type; he has gone without female companionship for some time and foolishly gives in.

So much reading and writing to do…

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Should I ever write an autobiography?

Not a bad read so far. Fascinating format, in that it’s not told chronologically.

President Bush seems very humble in his storytelling, quite the opposite of the biography penned by one late filmmaker. The story goes that filmmaker gave a few friends advance copies of his “much-sanitized” autobiography, and one friend after reading it replied: “Great book. Who’s it about?”

Decision Points makes me wonder if I’ll ever decide someday to write my autobiography. I keep a journal and am trying to piece my early years together. Maybe I will, but after a while it gets boring talking about myself. I suppose if I ever become famous my publisher might ask me to write about myself.

What would I call my memoirs?

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For now, I prefer to blog. And write fiction. And be a journalist.

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