My ‘new’ car, a 2013 VW Beetle

VW BeetleToday I picked up my new car, a light-blue 2013 Volkswagen Beetle. It replaces my previous car, a 2010 Ford Focus.

Well, it’s not technically “my” car. I’m buying it through a bank loan. Even if I owned it free and clear, it still wouldn’t be mine: it would be God’s car, as I’m just the caretaker.

This is the first time I’ve ever owned a German car, perhaps fitting since the Zowie family is from Germany. This is not the first time my family has owned a Volkswagen, though. In the late 1970s, we had a light-blue Volkswagen Beetle. It was an early 1970s model, I believe, and I do remember it had a standard transmission with the engine in back.

As I drove this car and got used to it, I remembered two things I’ve heard in the past about German-made cars:

…German-made cars rarely break down, because Germans tend to over-engineer cars.

…German-made cars can be a pain in the neck to do maintenance on, since Germans tend to over-engineer cars.

So far, it drives well. As I drive, I keep wondering, how can I speed up my payments and have it paid off faster?

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Travel writing, something I’d LOVE to do someday

Something I’d love to do someday is travel around the world for a year or two and chronicle my experiences. Among the many places I’d love to go: Germany, England, Scotland, Russia, Israel, Greece, China, Mexico, Argentina. Among the places here in America: the Grand Canyon, the Devil’s Tower, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles (even though I’ve already been there a few times), New England and The Four Corners.

I imagine one way to do it is to go out, observe, talk, write and then put your adventures into 300-500 word blog postings.

That does pose one question: travel writing also is an easy way of saying, “I’m not home.” Does one travel write when one is done traveling…?

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