Trying out poetry

Maybe it’s just a phase I am going through, but I am really enjoying writing poetry. It’s never been my forte, as I prefer writing prose, but it has proven to be fun so far. As I continue to write, I may try to experiment with rhythm and rhyme. All in good time. So far, I have become adept at free verse, but soon it’ll be time to try something challenging.

My gosh, it is amazing to read Paradise Lost and marvel at the rhyme and rhythm!

While I post my poetry on my blog (some of it; much of it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too personal), I have found I prefer to write longhand. Quentin Tarantino once said poetry could not be written on a computer, and I find writing poetry using a pen and paper brings me closer to the English language. Now, does this mean I will write a novel longhand, as Stephen King did with Dreamcatchers?

Um, no.

To this man, computer + poetry = blasphemy.

When I try to write prose longhand, I find my brain is often sentences and even paragraphs ahead of what I’m trying to write down.

One thing with poetry I wonder is when thoughts should be recorded in poem form and when they should be recorded in prose. Suggestions, anyone?

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