More poems; mysterious musician, mysterious basketball player

9-13-11 — Apology to an Unknown Musician

My sincereest apologies,

Acclaimed fusion guitarist

54 years old,

Muy Thai association co-founder

I have no idea, had no idea

Who you are, who you were.

9-18-2011 — Ode to Brian Williams/Bison Dele

Bison Dele, a.k.a., Brian Williams, playing for the Chicago Bulls.

You were an enigma

Living for adventure

Bored by this planet.

You entered life as

Brian Williams

And presumably,


Perhaps fittingly

Left life as

Bison Dele.

Nobody knows exactly

How, why, when, where, or even if

but our intuition

And that arrest

And that


Insulin overdose

Of Kevin Williams/Miles Dabord

Tell us

You are resting

In the depths of the



South Pacific Ocean.

Society craves complexicity


Must settle for


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