Adventures in Craig’s List

You have to love Craig’s List. The only reason I respond to writing assignments, post jobs, etc., is because every so often, I’ll get a nibble that turns into something good. It can indeed be as frustrating as boating to the middle of Lake Huron in hopes of finding the two or three great fish amidst all the countless guppies.

Well, most recently I posted two ads: one for my writing services and another for my services as a cargo van driver (a family member has a cargo van they’ve told me they’d let me drive if they could find an interested company). Even though I clearly state I don’t want ads that require an initial investment on my part or get-rich-quick schemes, these indeed comprise most of the responders.

As far as the writing ads go, the funniest ones tell you they can pay $5 for a 500-word article. Well, for one client I get paid 25 cents per word. For a 500-word article, that would be $125.

It’s said in life and is no different in the professional world of writing: if you want to pay cheap, you should expect cheap writing.