Doing voice over work

A lifetime ago, I worked in radio. It was a blast. When I tell people, they hear my voice and aren’t surprised. After joking that I have a face for radio, many will say I definitely have a voice for it.

I wonder now: what about voice over work? I’d love to do that. Commercials, promos, you name it.

Anyone have an idea of how to get into that?


Richard Zowie, aspiring voice over artist

Besides a resume for a writing career, I also like to keep a broadcasting resume ready. For seven years I worked in radio. Two stations (Christian and talk radio) in San Antonio and a Christian station in Michigan. While I prefer print journalism, I really enjoyed my time in broadcasting. I’ve even delved a little into television broadcasting as a volunteer for Blazing Gavels, a fund raiser for San Antonio’s PBS station, KLRN. I was relieved that wearing makeup was not required, but I still concluded that I have a great face for radio.

Over the years, I’ve kept recordings of myself doing news and pseudo commercials. I even have a digital audio tape of myself guest hosting a radio call-in talk show, which was especially fun.