Books, books…

I remember a conversation I had with a friend almost 15 years ago. “Ray, what’s your favorite TV show?” I asked him.

“I don’t watch much TV, Richard,” he said. “I prefer to read books. Non-fiction and biographies are favorites.”

Ray’s words gave me a lot to think about lately as I perused the channels. Golden Girls. Conan O’Brien. Goodfellas. NBA Basketball. Seinfeld. An episode of Big Bang Theory I’ve seen several times already.

In other words, nothing was on.

I have somewhere around 750-1,000 books in my apartment. I’ve read maybe a third of them. I also have a nasty habit of adding to my collection each time I visit a thrift store. Sometimes it’s a book I want to read, have another copy of, or one I want for sentimental purposes.

So, here I am, currently reading Michael Crichton’s Timeline. I also am trying to listen to Stephen King’s Dr. Sleep on CD when I’m not too tired. And next on my list are books I’ll probably have to return to the library and then check out again: Volume 1 of Winston Churchill’s History of the English Speaking People, along with a biography of Ray Bradbury.

If only I had the ability some have–reading several books a week.

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Writing sports preview stories…

…reminds me of how terrible an interviewer I am.

Questions we ask each pre-season include who’s graduated, who’s new, who’s returned, strengths and weaknesses.

Gosh, talking to the coaches makes me feel like Larry King, who may have asked one of the worst questions ever the time he had Jerry Seinfeld on his program.

I hope to get my own car soon, one with AM on the radio dial. If you want to hear a great interviewer, look no further than The Jim Rome Show. Outstanding. His questions show he puts lots of prep work into each show. 

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