Unable to locate my favorite Papermate pen

For the record, it’s a Papermate Silkwriter BP. Not the current silkwriter (which has a 1.6 mm tip and tends to leak gunky ink), but the older model with the see-through barrel, the metal clasp and ribbed rubber grip.

When I enquired about this pen to Sanford (Papermate’s parent company), I was told they no longer make it.

I love Papermate pens, but why is it they no longer make the great pens while making the el cheapos that do a lousy job of writing?

I keep checking out various stores in hopes I’ll see some being sold. At the Shop Rite in Vassar, Michigan two years ago, they had some for sale. I’ve also seen some on the internet, and I’ll see about picking some up when I have extra cash.

What I like to write with: Papermate Silkwriter (old model)

I honestly can’t think of anything I dislike about this pen. In fact, it very well may be my all-time favorite Papermate to write with. It’s a clear plastic, so you can see how much ink you’ve used. It has a rubbery barrel that’s easy to grip. The ink is dark, doesn’t skip and smudges very little. And it has a sturdy metal clasp to fasten the pen to your pocket or shirt collar. I also have noticed, interestingly enough, that my handwriting improves a lot when I write with it. That’s an added bonus. Alas, Papermate doesn’t seem to be issuing this pen out too often these days. I hope they will. I’d love to get black, blue, red and possibly even purple and green.

Ironically enough, the new model of the Papermate Silkwriter is one of my least favorites. It tends to leak thick ink and at 1.6 millimeters the ballpoint is far too wide. (I prefer medium point that’s no more than 1.2).

I keep telling my wife that someday I’ll narrow my pen collection to my top favorite Papermates and then just collect pens as a novelty.